New Stadium in Porto Alegre





The existitng stadium in Porto Alegre is getting
renovated for the upcoming games. A new roof
structure is planned to be built off site and then
pieced together. Within the roof, box seats will
have clear views of the field. Facilities are
also being modernized and on the riverfront side,
restaurants and a museum/store are being constructed.
The city is also taking advantage of the games as an
opportunity to revamp the riverfront. They are constructing
hotels that will serve for the World Cup
and for the city afterwards. They are building a
massive parking garage with a park on top. The garage
will be used by the citizens who are using the
stadium, the mall, and other nearby facilities. The
city is also working to build a train line that runs
into the park that will be sustainable. The design
will help revitalize that part of the city.

Porto Alegre Stadium






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