Munich Olympic Park

The decision to host the 1972 Olympics gave
Munich the opportunity to redevelop the
Oberwiesenfeld area. It had been used as
an airfield up until 1939 when the Munich-
Riem airport opened. The area became largely
idle despite the Nazi plans to have the
area serve as the central slaughterhouse
and marketplace. The goal was to completely
dissociate the Munich Olympics from the
Berlin games. The games were to show a
changed Germany to the world.
The Munich games are one of the first
examples of a city purposely using the
Olympics as a chance to fulfill local needs
and provide for subsequent use. There was
also a large effort made in the design of
the complex to “make it more objective
and to underline the authoritative role
of the architect.” After the games, the
Olympiapark became a recreational park
for the surrounding neighborhoods. The
park’s Olympia Tower and the large tent roof
structure help to make the park an alluring
tourist attraction.

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