One Day in September

The 1972 Olympic Games were overshadowed by what is now
referred to as the Munich Massacre. On September 5th, eight
Palestinian guerrillas kidnapped eleven Israeli athletes,
coaches and officials and held them hostage in their Olympic
Village apartments. Two of the hostages initially resisted
and were killed. Later that evening, the terrorists and their
hostages boarded a helicopter bound for a military airport.
The German authorities planned to ambush them there but under
estimated the number of terrorists and failed in their attempt.
Four of the hostages were shot and then blown up in the
helicopter by a Palestinian grenade. The remaining five were
gunned down by another terrorist. Three of the Palestinians
survived the event and were imprisoned. In October, they
were exchanged for a Lufthansa jet. Reportedly, the Mossad
successfully hunted down two of terrorists. The games resumed
on September 6th.

The movie by Kevin MacDonald, "One Day in September", covers this event and has interviews with a wife of one of the athletes as well as the last surviving terrorist.  It also shows the footage from the event.

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