. 3D modeling Scripts

Kookugia Scripts wiki

RhinoScript main

RhinoScript wiki

Grasshopper – generative modelling for Rhino

Kangaroo – live physics engine for Rhino


Apomechanes code page

Apomechanes code page

. 2D modeling scripts/data visualization/ language


Daniel Shiffman tutorials (processing)

intheair (processing – mapping elements in Madrid’s sky)

Telekom (processing – visualizing data streams)

Mosstack (processing – block stacking software)

NPZ (processing – visualizing coastal marine ecosystems)


Density Scenario


. 3D modeling MISC

Genware (biothing code open code page)

Topological mesh Modeling – TopMod

Elementary Particle Explorer

Open Foam – computational fluid dynamics

. Interaction simulation/computation

Arduino Board

Arduino Software

. multi-agent programmable modeling environment


. mapping/visualization programs, applications, examples

visual complexity

. macromolecular modeling

rosetta blog

(see other links below in the metamaterials field)


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